Golf Course Homes

If you’re going to live in a luxurious Florida community, you might as well set yourself up in a community known for one of the state’s greatest pastimes—golf. There is a lot of appeal to living in Central Florida, from the abundance of luxurious homes in golf course communities to the proximity to the magical kingdom of Walt Disney World. Work with Dana Hall-Bradley and benefit from her expertise in and knowledge of Florida real estate to find your Florida golf course home.

Featured Golf Course Listings


Buying a Home in a Golf Community?

Things to Consider

Enhanced Security

Living in a golf course community may be more expensive, but you have to consider some of the perks that come with it. Typically, those include added security, such as a security guard posted at the entrance or an upgraded gate.

HOA & Community Dues

Compared to a traditional HOA community, Florida homes in a golf community may have higher monthly dues. They typically balance out considering those dues cover access to the course and country club, but be sure to review the monthly cost and what it gets you.

One Big Happy Community

If you’re buying in a golf community, chances are you already have something in common with your neighbors—your love of golf. Between community events at the golf club and tournaments on the green, you’re more likely to become part of the bigger community.

Start Searching for Your Golf Community Home

Homes in Florida golf communities can go quickly, so be sure to act fast once you know you’re ready to start shopping. Contact Dana Hall-Bradley for more information on golf community real estate and what it would take to get you into one of these luxury Central Florida homes.